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Would you like your child to learn how to handle bullies without violence, without anger and without fear?

When kids bully one another, the whole community suffers. Bullying is an epidemic in schools today, and if a bully is harming your child, it can affect everything about him or her.

The word "bullying" can conjure all sorts of images from movies and books. While you may visualize a large kid pushing a smaller child against the wall to demand lunch money, the truth is that bullying takes many forms. Physical bullying is only one of the ways that children are bullied every day, in every state, at every age.

If a bully targets your child, he or she may suffer from a number of issues including poor academic performance and low self-esteem. As a parent, what are you to do?

We can help to empower your children and give them the confidence they need to recognize, avoid and deal with bullying situations. Our Bully Proof Workshop will teach them how to handle bullying situations reasonably, and if all reasonable solutions have been exhausted, your child will learn how to protect themselves against serious physical harm.

Whether your child is suffering from physical confrontation, verbal sniping, or emotional intimidation, we understand that bullying is not right. It is harmful to both the bully and to the victim, and it deteriorates the quality of the learning environment. We teach that you cannot fight anger with anger, and you cannot be cruel and expect to stop cruelty. Our Bully Proof Workshop will teach your child to take the higher road. Our trained instructors will teach your entire family how to appropriately handle bullying the right way.

Space is limited! If you'd like to enroll in the Bully Free Workshop,
call us right now at 267-603-2358!

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and call us at 267-603-2358