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Our Programs

Lion Force Martial Arts Our Programs Photo 1Little lions ages 4-6

The focus of little Lions class is to develop discipline, focus and coordination. All disguised in fun activities that burn energy.

Basic program ages 6 to 14

Students will learn the importance of focus and self discipline; along with basic blocks, kicks and self defense techniques.

Black belt training

As our students advance into black belt training, they learn a rotating curriculum of weapons, opportunities for our demonstration team, competition team and our leadership training program.

Lion Force Martial Arts Our Programs Photo 2Adult martial arts training

Lion Force offers separate martial arts classes for adults only starting at age 15 and up. At Lion Force we recognize that adults have different needs than our children. Our adult program is designed to challenge all levels of fitness. Classes include cardio vascular conditioning, muscular strength, toning, flexibility and self defense.

Kickboxing for adults

Improve your flexibility, tone your muscles, develop strength and lose weight through action-packed cardio and strength training. Lion Force kickboxing is designed for all skill levels.